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Technology / Industry
Locatie: Veldhoven
19.000 medewerkers
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Who we are

We are ambitious. We set the bar high for everything we do, we trust in our abilities to reach our goals and we continuously improve ourselves, our products and processes in search of excellence. We are committed. We persevere until we reach our goal. We get the job done because we feel a responsibility for the industry and for the communities in which we operate.

We have a thirst for knowledge. We are eager to learn new things and understand different perspectives. We make time to simplify what is complex, helping others to understand and contribute. We are creative. We foster an environment where the best ideas can emerge. That means asking for and sharing opinions openly, respectfully and often.

We are rational. We measure what we do and use that data to improve our work. In our world of nanometers, details matter, so we make sure we dot our i’s and cross our t’s. We take smart risks to push our technology and business forward.

The people we hire for our traineeship

At ASML we bring together the most brilliant minds with various backgrounds, skills and competencies in order to develop ground breaking technologies. Choose your background and learn more about working at ASML.

  • Business and Administration
  • Chemistry
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Heat and Mass
  • Information Technology
  • Physics Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Lithography

No matter what your background is... The challenges you will face, the stimulating colleagues you will work with and the breakthroughs that will become an everyday part of your life. You will also learn more about the unmatched career development opportunities we offer. No matter what your background is, there is plenty to excite you at ASML.