Multicompany traineeship

Banking / Finance, Management
Location: Brussel
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Multicompany programma

Develop your leadership skills while discovering what environment suits you best!

There are plenty of great companies around. We know – we work with a lot of them. And you’ll do too. Because that’s the secret of our Multicompany Programme: instead of doing different jobs with one employer, you get to experience different companies as well. 

Your skills will grow just as fast as in any other traineeship. But the cultural differences between companies, the different management styles and the wide array of industries will give your professional oomph a boost no single company can ever offer on its own. 

Get to know yourself

First jobs define people. Sometimes that works out great, but we think it’s smarter to play the field first. It’s hard to know what you’re really good at before you’ve actually tried it. Almost impossible when you’ve just finished university. And yet, it’s what most people do. 

We say: go out and explore. Be the best you can be at different places with different challenges. Try, fail, learn and repeat. It’s the best recipe for learning who you are and how you can best contribute to changing the world. Because that’s still the plan, right? 

Be prepared to develop yourself

Traineeships never fail to be hard work. And at ORMIT, you’ll have to do some extra work on top: developing yourself. You’ll work on your leadership skills in training classes, with your coach and with your peers. Putting in these extra miles is precisely what will take you to the next level.

Where will you go?

We work with some of the best companies in Belgium. They range from large banks to highly specialised industrial players. We will put you in a few of them. Based on your talents and interests, we go looking for the perfect spot to put you in. But wherever you end up, all our clients have one thing in common: they are all committed to help you grow.

Have you got what it takes?

We need you to have a Master’s degree in a business oriented field and be adequately fluent in French, Dutch and English. You shouldn’t have worked for more than three years after finishing university. 

We love (maybe even: require) extra-curricular stuff.

Our Multicompany management traineeship in five bullet points

• Top projects at different top companies in different fields 
• Brilliant personal development plan to turn you into a true leader 
• Co-learning and support from inspiring fellow-trainees 
• Your own coach for 26 months  
• A great network of future employers that you can join after the 26-month traineeship

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