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Lead to Inspire Masterclass for college or university students 2023 Applications

Deadline: 01-10-2023 12:00:00

Start date/Deadline date (displays online) 

Oct 01, 2023

Deadline time 


Time Zone 

Amsterdam (GMT +02:00) - Europe


(University not listed)

OfficeAmsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Middle East, Milan, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna, Warsaw, Zurich


1st year bachelors, 2nd year bachelors, 3rd year bachelors, 1st year Master, 2nd year Master

Event details

Are you bright, enthusiastic and curious? 

Do you enjoy solving challenging problems? 

Are you looking to chart your own course through an extraordinary career?

We designed this program for exceptional female students to support and encourage you to enter a field where women are traditionally underrepresented. We aim to inspire you with personal impact stories and equip you with leadership skills so you can chart your career journey.

As a selected applicant, you will receive an exclusive access to our Bain Women Lead to Inspire Masterclass and a personal mentor.

How do I apply?

Please prepare your CV, university transcripts and a response to the question: “What motivates you to apply to this program?” and submit your application through our online portal.

When you apply, you will be asked to choose 3 offices you are interested in. Please note that this is just for our information and does not impact the process or any future position applications. The office preference 1 should be from the school/country where you are studying, as from fall 2023.

As part of the process, there is an online assessment, right after the deadline.

More information here