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Deloitte story: Casper Rietveld & Haruna Noë | Compassion, curiosity and courage


‘We believe in the power of compassion, curiosity and courage’

A company’s culture is the reflection of each individual’s behavior. At Deloitte we believe in the power of compassion, curiosity and courage. 'Together, these mindsets create a space in which each of us can thrive', Haruna Noë, Senior Manager in VAT, and Casper Rietveld, Consultant Change Management at Deloitte, explain. 'This environment empowers us to be our true selves, enhancing our capacity to excel and perform at our best in serving our clients.'

'At its core, our business is about human interaction', says Casper (30). 'Building relationships is a big part of our work, with clients and with colleagues. The three Cs, compassion, curiosity and courage, help us create a safe environment in which we can make true connections.' Haruna (35) adds: 'These mindsets are also pivotal to our leadership framework, giving us the strength to effectively and successfully navigate the complexities of the global business arena.'

Embracing new challenges

'After two rewarding years as an international tax advisor in Tokyo, I longed for new challenges and growth', Haruna shares about her move from Japan. Eager to deepen her understanding of international tax law, she chose the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands for further education. 'That decision represented a leap, broadening my professional horizons and opening the door to a wealth of diverse experiences.' Upon completing her master's degree, Haruna joined Deloitte. 'I was attracted by the firm's ethos of excellence and the emphasis on collaboration with highly motivated professionals. Every day at Deloitte offers new learning opportunities, enabling me to continuously improve and deliver added value to our clients', she explains.

Curiosity is a driving force

'Curiosity is more than a personal quality. It's a driving force behind my commitment to lifelong learning', Haruna states, highlighting the profound role this mindset plays in her life. 'Driven by this curiosity, we challenge our preconceptions, embrace new ideas, and appreciate a wealth of perspectives. This open-minded attitude not only fosters a sense of unity among our diverse team members, but also spurs us to develop and implement innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients.'

Golden ticket

Casper has a background in psychology and a master’s degree in leadership and change management. 'I have always been fascinated by human behavior and the human side of transformation. As a student I played field hockey at a professional level. In sports and in organizations, the same questions are relevant: how can you change human behavior and performance in teams? Three years ago, I joined Deloitte Human Capital Consulting and that felt like the golden ticket to me. I love bringing major transformations to life in a diverse environment where people feel heard, seen and valued.'

It takes courage

'One of the first things I learned as a Consultant is that there is no such thing as asking too many questions', says Casper. 'Our clients hire us for our outside-in perspective, but sometimes we have to keep asking questions instead of immediately giving our opinion. That requires curiosity, but also courage. We need to express our point of view, even when it challenges the initial point of view of the client. In addition, I believe that, in order to really grow as a person and professional, it is imperative to be able to show vulnerability. It takes courage to be open about your areas of development. Furthermore, when we ask for help and can rely on colleagues, we combine our strengths and assist clients as best as we can.'

Compassion is key

'Compassion lies at the heart of our potential,' Haruna continues. 'It goes beyond empathy, calling for a profound comprehension of each other's aspirations and challenges. We are committed to nurturing a culture of care, ensuring everyone feels included and supported. This is what builds lasting, resilient connections.' Casper nods in agreement: 'Absolutely, compassion is key. It helps us create true connections, connections that become lasting connections. 'Together, Haruna and Casper conclude: 'Our core leadership mindsets; compassion, curiosity, and courage, guide us towards meaningful connections and sustainable success.'