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Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Telecom / IT
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What is HPE?

In November 2015, a new industry leading Fortune 50 company was launched: Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

HP split itself into two companies, HP Inc. and HPE. HP Inc. is made up of its PC and printing businesses. And HPE is comprising HP's enterprise hardware, software and services businesses. With the name Hewlett Packard Enterprise the company carries a rich legacy, where it builds on the past and creates a brand that supports the business it’s today and projects what it will be in the future.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is operating in a market that is moving faster than ever before. We are proud to be the number one IT provider in the world and the only company to be a one-stop shop for consumers all the way up to large corporations.

Our culture is characterized by goal oriented people with a high sense of ownership; self-starters who are willing to embrace the constant transformation that our industry is subject to.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise helps customers use technology to reduce the time it takes to turn ideas into value. In turn, customers transform industries, markets and lives. We provide the cutting-edge technology solutions customers need to optimize their traditional IT while helping them build the secure, cloud-enabled, mobile-ready future uniquely suited to their needs.