NXT Generation: Business Trainee

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Per 01 september 2014
Location: Rotterdam
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NXT Generation: Business Trainee

You’re facing a great challenge: the start of your career. Eneco, too, is facing great challenges at the moment. Every day, we’re working on the transition to a sustainable energy supply. We’re doing this by encouraging innovation, making targeted investments, exploiting our assets profitably and trading smartly in the global marketplace. All this requires unique talent. Are you ready for your sustainable transition as a NXT Generation Business trainee at Eneco Energy Trade?

Our market is shifting on all fronts. The supply of biomass, wind and solar energy is increasing, consumption patterns are changing as a result of developments such as the rise of electric transport and smart grids, and changes in the market are very much the order of the day. Energy providers are entering and leaving the market, volumes are constantly rising and falling, and political decisions – for example climate compensation via carbon credits – are exerting their influence on the field of play. That makes our line of business dynamic as well as volatile.

Eneco Energy Trade consists of several different departments:

Asset Backed Trading
International energy stock trading; purchase and sale both over the counter and via brokers.

Portfolio Management
Development of the energy portfolio based on analysis of historical data, external data, market trends and forecasts.

Structuring & Origination
Setting up and formalising complex agreements with international energy stakeholders.

Ongoing forecasting of supply and demand on the basis of weather conditions, analyses and consumption patterns.

Energy Operations
Monitoring of current energy consumption; strategically increasing and decreasing capacity.

Settlements & Confirmations
Carrying out actions and fee arrangements involving external parties.

The working language at Eneco Energy Trade is English.

The traineeship

As a trainee, you’re part of the team and fully involved in the practical reality of our business from day one. In three eight-month periods you will rotate between the different departments of Eneco Energy Trade. In addition, you will complete an individual assignment during each period. This will enable you to get to know the field of play from all angles.

In addition to your work, you will follow a training programme and participate in team activities and other internal Eneco programmes.

The training programme is vocational in nature and also devotes extensive attention to personal development. The programme includes the following components:
• The energy market: demand, supply, trading procedures, international trends and developments
• Trade strategies: balancing purchase, sale and storage and neutralising financial risks using historical and current data
• Personal development: consultancy skills, presentation skills, work-life balance
An experienced mentor will coach you throughout the entire traineeship, while you will be guided and supported by a different colleague during each of the eight-month periods. Upon successful completion of the NXT Generation Traineeship, you will have the opportunity to continue your career at Eneco in a challenging position with career development potential.

Your profile

• Completed Master’s degree (graduation date after September 2013)
• Qualification in a science and technology-related subject, such as Meteorology, Business Information Technology, Business Administration, (Business) Computer Science, Econometrics, etc.
• Affinity with Energy Trade
• ‘Can-do’ mentality
• Additional experience such as serving on a board or commission, an internship abroad, or experience of running your own business
• Excellent command of English (written and spoken)

It goes without saying that you will be fascinated by the stock market and trading in general. Your personality will also be a good fit for the dynamic atmosphere in the department. The following three principles are a good description of the mindset at Eneco:
• Inspire confidence, take responsibility
• Good enough is never good enough
• Creativity and innovation are the driving force of our business

What we offer

• A unique launch pad for your career working for a strong and successful player in a competitive, international growth sector
• The opportunity to get to know the dynamic world of energy trading from all angles and acquire valuable knowledge and practical experience
• Excellent salary and very attractive fringe benefits
• Challenging training programme
• Ample opportunity for career development

Application procedure

You can apply by clicking the ‘Apply now’ button to send your CV and personal statement. The preselection stage ends on 30 May 2014.

Suitable candidates will be invited to take an online test and come in for a preliminary interview, after which a select group of applicants will receive an invitation to the selection day on Friday, 20 June 2014 at the Eneco headquarters in the Prins Alexander district of Rotterdam. A screening is part of the procedure.

At the end of this selection day, the four best participants will be offered a contract for the traineeship, which will begin on Monday, 1 September 2014. If you’re selected, you can look forward to a laid-back summer before embarking on an exciting new challenge!

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