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Morgan StanleyStrats and Modeling: Quantitative Finance Off-Cycle Intern - England

Aanmeld Deadline 31-01-2015
Type stage International Internships
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31-01-2015 (Over Verstreken)


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Morgan Stanley Strats and Modeling (MSSM) provides revenue-generating activities that are centered on financial analytics. Embedded Desk Strategist (Strat) teams reside within our Sales & Trading businesses including Equity, Fixed Income and Commodities as well as our Banking businesses including Investment Banking and Global Capital Markets. The Modeling team and other MSSM project-based teams such as Core Analytics and Core Electronic Trading provide quantitative solutions to multiple businesses.

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Placement and duration

The intensive Morgan Stanley Strats and Modeling (MSSM) Quantitative Finance Off-Cycle Internship Programme in London runs for three to six months and is aimed at students who are required to complete a long-term internship as part of their studies. It is designed to help you explore opportunities in MSSM by working with desk strategists to become an integral member of the team. MSSM Off-Cycle Interns are placed either in a specific group in Trading, Banking or Sales as a Strat or within a specific project-based team such as Modeling. The Programme provides work across a range of product and sector desks. You will apply your analytical skills to help the team make strategic decisions involving capital raising, research or trading issues. MSSM Off-Cycle Interns are placed directly on a desk within MSSM with opportunities on the Fixed Income and Equities trading desks.

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Trainee programme

MSSM Off-Cycle Interns will complete divisional on-the-job training that features market knowledge training, a desk placement project within equity or fixed income products, and regular review meetings.

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There are two types of roles within MSSM that Associates can assume: Desk Strategists, who are embedded within the business units, and Modelers. There are other project-based teams providing direct support of trading and banking similar to Core Analytics but with a tailored focus to certain functions such as Collateral Analysis or Structuring.
Responsibilities will vary depending on role, and are listed below:
• Desk Strategists create models and strategies the desk will use to drive trading decisions, analyse and manage the risk of the positions currently on the books. They also create pricing and marking models, and create trader-efficiency tools.
• Market Modelers enhance Morgan Stanley’s ability to take and manage risk while generating profits through mathematical finance to create effective valuation and hedging models. They will also develop and analyse investment and trading strategies.

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• You are in your penultimate or final year, studying towards a Ph.D. or other advanced degree in a quantitative subject such as Mathematics, Financial Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Quantitative Finance or Computer Science.
• You are available for three to six months to complete the internship in 2015.
• You have a strong mathematical background in an academic setting.
• You have excellent computer programming skills.
• You have a keen interest in the financial markets and have the drive and desire to work in an intense, team-oriented environment.
• You are able to communicate effectively in both written and verbal English.2

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