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The interview

Job interview preparation
Be on time and make sure that you are aware of the background of the company: the different types of products, the most important brands, in which countries the company is active, how many people are working in Dutch firms, in European firms, worldwide, how many people are university trained, etc. Furthermore, make sure that you are informed about the latest news. Read the paper everyday for one week before you have your interview, make sure you also check the corporate website, of the company you are applying for, for the latest’s facts and press releases.

For example, it cannot be that you go to an interview at Procter & Gamble not knowing that they took over Gilette.

Make sure that you can talk about your strengths. Points that do well are: analytical ability, leadership, communication and empathic skills, entrepreneurial ability, perseverance and ambition. Of course you need your strengths well filled in according to your registration form (your resume). “A good example of my leadership qualities is my board year when I had the function of….”

When giving examples to clarify what you have done it is advised to follow the STAR-structure. You describe the situation, which tasks you performed, What action (s) you have taken and what the result was. A clear structure, together with concrete words lead to a good selection interview! Do not say “I think “or “It seems to me ", but "I find "and then tell why you find that. Recruiters are not looking for small talk. They are looking for people who know what they want and dare to take decisions.

Ask questions!
It is important to prepare some questions before the interview, this shows direct that you are interested. Ask questions like;

  • Personal questions ask the recruiter:
    What her (in most cases) in her job at the company turned really different than she expected. Both positive and negative.
  • General questions
    Questions about the company's vision. You can always ask how important sustainability is for the company. Are they just doing a economic incentive or are environment and society also two important components within the business vision? How far are they with that, what do you notice as an employee, what do customers notice thereof?
  • Personal question from your side
    Specify that you absolutely have the ambition to work abroad. How big are those opportunities? How long should you be at the company?

Ask questions and connect them if possible with the press releases in the news. Be critical, neat, but not too modest!

First impression during an interview
Your First impression is very important and is created within one minute. There are different factors that play an important role. However, only 7% of words determine the first impression. Still important enough to not say the wrong things, and therefore crucial to prepare the other 93% well.

  • The first impression you leave behind is your face, The recruiter looks at you and give you a hand. Keep eye contact with the recruiter when you shake his hand and smile friendly. Use your smile several times during the talk. Eyes can also smile.
  • Then the voice comes in. The voice for fills 38% of the first impression. Make sure that you are relaxed and that your voice is not skipping. You can do some breath control exercises: breathe through your nose directly to your abdomen (your chest moves hardly) and then blow out through your mouth quiet. Head up. Care for a good preparation and remember that the world is not faring when you won't be selected.
  • 55% of the first impression is determined by your body. The presence and the movement. It is important that you are dressed fresh and have a groomed appearance. Match your clothing to the business, but choose an outfit that you do not feel uncomfortable in. By putting on a suit you show that you find the interview important. Do you really hate ties leave it at home. Sports socks are only for the tennis court! Shoes with rubber soles do not belong under a suit.

Body language
During the interview body language plays a huge role. Keep your voice under control and your feet under your chair. Your arms loosely on the table and use them occasionally to make a gesture. Not to wild, before you know the coffee flies through the office. … You can also or hold a pen , but remember do not play of click on it during the interview. Keep eye contact during the interview. When you have the interview with two people, try to keep eye contact with both, unless there is a better click with one. You can focus your attention a bit more towards that person, but not too much! Try to also talk with your eyes. Show them that you are enthusiastic and interested. Continue in the conversation not with your arms crossed, this gives a closed feeling. It is also not a great idea to sit too relaxed.

You radiate incivility and lack of interest. Let your enthusiasm and interest speak from your body.

Usefull tip!

Try to mirror yourself to the person that is sitting across of you, this gives hem/ her the feeling that you are at the same wavelength.

Without a good preparation you will look less sure. It is good to know beforehand how long the interview will last, where it will be held and to know the questions to be asked. A great preparation is not only preparing the answers to the questions, but also the questions are important! Key is to ask the right questions, this shows your interest in the company and the company processes.

WKnow in advance with whom you have a conversation. Write down the phone number on your calendar, so you can call when the train lets you down, but it is even better to calculate this. Already Make sure you are on time and turn off your phone when you arrive.

In the train the you go through your strengths with the help of your resume. Use the STAR structure again . You know you are ready!!

Closer of the conversation
If the interview went well and you talked with Young people you can easily close with their first name;

“Bart, thank you. Joost, also thanks. I hope I clearlyexpressed my enthusiasm and that we talk again soon.

DO you have a lot of calls today? ...... Ok. Success then. See you soon!"

Questions for the recruiter:
To what extent is X with sustainability? In my opinion besides a profit factor an environmental and social factor that are very important for a successful strategy in the long run. What are well things that have proved to be really different for you than that you had them proposed when you started working? Positive/negative.

How is your working day look like? How many hours do you make in a week? Are you also sometimes on weekends to work?

Do you support employees who want to pursue an MBA/RC/RA training? In what way? Is that common?

Zijn er eigenlijk mogelijkheden om tijdens je eerste drie jaar al in het buitenland te werken? Hoe groot zijn die mogelijkheden, want ik vind dat heel belangrijk.

Hoeveel jonge mensen werken er eigenlijk? Hebben jullie speciale events of een soort van netwerk in de trant van Young Professionals of iets dergelijks?

Ondersteunen jullie werknemers die een MBA/RC/RA opleiding willen volgen? Op welke manier? Komt dat vaak voor?

Strong points that do well in an interview:

  • analytically strong
  • leadership
  • empathic
  • strong communication skills
  • entrepreneurial
  • perseverance
  • targeted
  • want to work abroad
  • ambitious
  • customizable!

Of course you know this business be peremptorily explain on the basis of your own CV.