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Aanmeld Deadline 15-11-2013
15-11-2013 (Over Verstreken)
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Experience a day in the life of a Trader at Optiver

Ever considered the option to start your career in trading? And do you think you’ve got what it takes to become a successful trader? This is your chance to experience the exciting world of trading by sitting next to one our traders right on the trading floor. Sign up for our Trading Meet & Greet on the 28th of November and find out what life is like behind the screens.

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On the 28th of November we will offer you the chance to experience a day in the life of a trader. The programme will start around 10 am and will end around 9 pm. During the Trading Meet & Greet we will offer you a variety of sessions that will improve your knowledge about trading, options and risk strategies. You’ll even get the chance to experience the fast paced environment of trading by sitting behind the screens next to a professional trader. Enjoy lunch and dinner together with our traders and ask them all questions you may have.

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Your profile

Screen Trader
Are you competitive and a fast decision maker under pressure? As a trader your role is to price and trade financial options while managing a complex portfolio of financial instruments. You are expected to take initiative in improving pricing models and show innovation with new trading strategies in order to seize any opportunity that should arise in the market. 

Wholesale Trading
As a Wholesale Trader you will be responsible for order flow in the professional market deriving from the various exchanges we trade on. Other than our screen traders, who trade directly on the exchange, you will trade directly and indirectly with hedge funds, pension funds, institutional investors and big banks, often through intermediates such as brokers.
Ideally, your study should relate to analytics, such as Finance, Economics, Econometrics, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering or similar.

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Our culture

No suits, no ties and no red tape. Our culture is one of our most valuable assets; result-driven, open and informal, team-based, ambitious and exceedingly flexible, whilst striving for professionalism within all our departments.
Our offices are modern and offer many stress-relieving extras, such as pool tables, table football and Friday drinks. We give our employees the flexibility to be innovative, research their ideas and act upon them. Our working environment is ideal for ambitious and talented people who enjoy a challenge. Despite the independent nature of our profession, we are a very team-oriented company.

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How to apply?

Apply directly via the APPLY NOW button no later than the 15th of November. Please provide us with your CV and cover letter in English and indicate the area of your interest: Wholesale Trading or Screen Trading. We will inform you after the application deadline whether you’ll be considered for the Trading Meet & Greet. An online numerical test is used to select candidates for this event. For more information, contact Debbie Holgado on +31 20 708 7000 or send an e-mail to

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